Our Community Deserves Real Options

Read our letter to Minister Glen Murray in response to the Metrolinx Environmental Project Report, and Murray’s response to our group’s Chair.

In early 2015, Metrolinx took our neighbourhood and the City of Toronto by surprise when it announced plans to build a 1.4-kilometre long rail overpass through the middle of our west Toronto community. The structure Metrolinx has proposed will be three storeys high, two GO Train tracks wide, and run directly alongside hundreds of homes as well as three well-loved parks. For at least the next several years until electrification is rolled out, the overpass will continue to carry diesel trains. Once the line is electrified, residents will experience up to 180 GO trains per day rolling by at the level of their bedroom windows- in some cases, only 15 metres away from the overpass.

We are a group of area residents who support holistic planning principles for transit growth. Forcing an elevated overpass for heavy rail into the middle of a residential neighbourhood that ignores the concerns of local elected representatives and community groups, and without a comprehensive study of the available options, is not the best way to achieve this. We don’t believe our community — or any community — should be railroaded by Metrolinx in its planning decisions.

 Our Community EA, “Our EA, Our Say” is out!

Check out the Main Report, Community Survey Report, Sound and Noise Study and a A History of our Rail Community. Or, download all 4 in a single document.